Since 1982 Neuchatel Chocolates has produced the finest Swiss chocolates with one goal in mind, to provide chocolate lovers everywhere in the United States the finest, freshest, best tasting, and innovative chocolate products this side of the Atlantic Ocean. This goal has never changed and continues to be Neuchatel's guiding light for all our future endeavors. In fact Neuchatel Chocolates constantly strives to raise the bar on the definition of chocolate excellence. 

Within the past few years' excellence has meant expanding our markets and providing superb chocolate in relatively new forms. Neuchatel Chocolates now offers both an organic line of chocolate and a sugar-free line that uses maltitol as a sugar substitute. Our sugar free line is safe for diabetics and has been a best seller. Both the organic and sugar free chocolate lines have allowed people who may not have been able to enjoy chocolate before, the opportunity to rediscover the incredible flavor of rich, decadent Swiss chocolate.

Neuchatel's chocolate confections are created by  our 5th generation Swiss Chocolatier, Albert A. Lauber - Oxford, Pennsylvania's very own Willy Wonka. Albert or "Al" as most of our factory store patrons affectionately call him has been hard at work at Neuchatel for all of its years. Albert's dedication to chocolate excellence has been prevalent since day one and continues to grow along with his experience. 

Click Here to Read the Biography of the Swiss Chocolatier, Albert A. Lauber!

If you have any additional questions about Neuchatel Chocolates’ products or services, please contact us at: web_sales@neuchatelchocolates.com or 610-932-2706.

  Neuchatel Castle, Neuchatel Switzerland

The moniker Neuchatel was taken from the Swiss city of Neuchatel, which is also known for its chocolates. Permission was given to use the name Neuchatel under strict guidelines, one of them being that our ingredients come from Switzerland. The chocolate imported from Switzerland is far better than any chocolate that can be produced in the United States. Why, you might ask? The Swiss start with high-quality cocoa beans imported from places that produce only the best cocoa in the world, such as Tanzania, Ghana, and areas of South America. The milk is homegrown from Swiss cows; they do not use powdered milk. This feature provides a freshness that powdered milk cannot produce. Oddly enough, the dry Swiss air adds a special quality to the chocolate that we cannot reproduce in the U.S., where the climate is too humid. Switzerland produces the finest, high-quality chocolate in the world and we are able to bring this right to your door.

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Dec 22, 2021

We are very happy to fill your orders, however, WE have no control over when it will get to you!

"A couple of weeks ago my husband and I happened onto your shop and stopped in. And, needless to say, we left with far more than expected and all of it was wonderful!"