The secrets of making fine chocolates are painstakingly learned through decades of study and hands-on experience then carefully passed from generation to generation. Today, more than 100 years of such priceless knowledge rests in Neuchatel Chocolatier Albert A. Lauber V.

Albert began studying the art of fine chocolates as a child in his father’s chocolate shop and bakery that clings to the side of an Alpine mountain in Achseten, Switzerland, near Bern. At age 16, he began an official apprenticeship with a baker a few towns away while continuing to work with his father. He continued his apprenticeship at several of the finest chocolate shops in Switzerland, including Chocolaterie Arn and Sprenger in Geneva and the noted Confiserie Abegglen in Bern. 

After completing his apprenticeship, Albert was executive pastry chef at five-star hotels throughout Europe and Asia. To the delight of American chocolate lovers, he chose finally to settle in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1982. Using old family formulas and recipes gather from around the world, he created his signature Neuchatel Swiss chocolate collection. Constantly seeking perfection, Albert regularly returns to Switzerland to assure that the chocolate used in his confections meets his high-quality standards.

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Dec 22, 2021

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